Lenovo Financial Solutions

What We Do

We offer cost effective payment solutions to enterprise customers and government entities to help them procure IT more efficiently, drive down costs and dispose of technology in a sustainable way.

Sustainable solutions

• Procure

• Deploy

• Refresh

• Re-purpose

• Re-cycle


Smarter Technology for all

At LFS, we've designed our payment solutions with YOU in mind.

How it works

Today investment in technology is changing as many organizations move towards an “as a service” economy and focus more on sustainability. Consumption based models represent a new approach for end users while the channel and distribution require flexible payment solutions that enable sales and facilitate IT investment for their customers.

At LFS we do just that, by providing a range of commercial payment solutions for the sale, procurement and consumption of any IT-related products and services. Whether you're an end user, distributor or channel partner, our aim is to help increase efficiency of acquisition, deployment, refresh and disposal of IT-related products designed to protect the region's environment.

With LFS, we'll help make investment in technology more accessible and greener too!.


• 160,000 devices ‘thrown away’ every day in Europe

• High percentage of E-waste ends up in landfill – China, India, Africa

• Technology consumes 10% of earths electricity

• Worldwide e waste exceeds 50m tons

• 316kg CO2 emissions produced when manufacturing a single laptop

• 1,200kg of earth resources are mined / consumed for a single device

• 190,000 liters of water required to produce a single laptop

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