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If you're an enterprise / corporate or government entity investing in technology, choose from our innovative flexible, 'green' payment solutions


Customer Solutions - Re-cycleIT

Middle-East, Turkey, Africa

Re-cycleIT solution allows you to pay back less, prevent technology obsolescence and remove the burden and costs associated with disposing of your IT assets.


Customer Solutions - Device as a Service

Middle-East, Turkey, Africa

Accelerate your time to market and increase flexibility by 'consuming' your device as a service.


Customer Solutions - HireIT

Middle-East, Turkey, Africa

Get the latest tech at your fingertips, in return for a predictable monthly spend.


Customer Solutions - Software as a Subscription

Middle-East, Turkey, Africa

Lock in pricing, accelerate deployment and manage organizational challenges better.

BuyIT Back

Customer Solutions - BuyIT Back

Middle-East, Turkey, Africa

Whether you're moving to the cloud or simply refreshing your technology, one of the many challenges you'll face is the potential net book loss when disposing of your existing IT assets.

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