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Project Finance

Project Finance - The "one hand to shake" solution

Middle-East, Turkey, Africa

Optimize your available inventory for sale and manage the regional challenges of deployment and associated end customer payment behavior.

Supply Chain Finance

Supply Chain Finance that helps with cash-flow challenges

Middle-East, Turkey, Africa

At LFS, we recognize the importance of empowering the channel by providing supply chain finance to optimize your cash-flow by extending payment terms beyond the supplier invoice due date. In times of uncertainty and constantly changing liquidity needs our customers require solutions that help them manage the cash-flow challenges the supply chain and associated end customer payment behaviour can sometimes bring. With LFS you can increase your payment terms up to 180 days (max tenor) reducing the strain on your working capital, enhancing the free cash-flow within your business whilst taking advantage of any invoice discounts that may be available by paying suppliers earlier should you wish to do so.

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